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What Your Prosecco Cocktail Says About You Banner What Your Prosecco Cocktail Says About You Banner

Here's What Your Prosecco
Cocktail Says About You

Just as the outfits we wear speak volumes about our personalities, perspectives, moods, and intentions, so do the cocktails we choose to celebrate all of life’s moments, big and small. While La Marca Prosecco is more than enough to brighten any room on its own, it’s also the ultimate ingredient for elevating your mixology game and shaking up stylish cocktails for a wide range of occasions. Meet your match below with the Prosecco cocktails we are currently adoring, and what they say about those who choose them...

La Marca Lemon Bliss

You are a charmer with timeless style and magnetic grace who loves the classics but appreciates contemporary art, culture, and ideas, too. Like the brilliantly balanced flavors of this bright and bubbly cocktail, your presence is a fresh cool breeze on a warm summer day. You love to share life’s simple pleasures like a splash of citrus in the sunshine or an engaging conversation that changes the way you see things. From your fashion to your food and cocktails, you’re always making statements that make the world a bit brighter.

Negroni Sbagliato

You are an innovator. Serendipity follows you wherever you go because of your ability to embrace the unexpected and transform it into the extraordinary. You are constantly asking yourself “what if” as a means for making fruitful discoveries, finding new ways of doing things, and creating memorable experiences. Like the alluring and refreshing profile of this sophisticated cocktail, you exude a sense of adventure and openness that inspires those around you to embrace the unknown and cherish the delightful outcomes that arise from staying curious.

Limoncello Blackberry Spritz

You are so extra in the best possible way. Your vibrant spirit and unwavering enthusiasm for life cannot be contained as you infuse the world with your positivity and exuberance. Your curiosity leads you to constantly seek refreshing new experiences—like the juicy and tart sensations in this cocktail—that you share with everyone. Being in your presence is like the moment the sun bursts through the stubborn cloud cover and defies the day’s weather forecast, uplifting the vibe and inspiring everyone to join you in celebrating the beauty bubbling all around you

Prosecco Rosé Cosmo

Your style inspires those around you to embrace their creativity and step outside their comfort zones to express themselves in authentic new ways. Your bubbly spirit is a beacon for other would-be trendsetters to permit themselves to shine. Like this stylish cocktail, you effortlessly sparkle in a way that draws people in like a magnet and sparks refreshing, juicy, enticing conversations that leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Veneto 75

You are a connoisseur with refined taste and an appreciation for the art of living. Your zesty spirit is reflected in this enticing blend of sophisticated flavors and sensations. Like the fizz and sparkle of this delightful cocktail, your smile sparks conversation and brings enthusiasm to every soiree. Your effervescent presence inspires others to embrace the beauty in every moment, creating a lasting impression that lingers
long after the final sip.


For more cocktails that capture your unique personality, explore our vast cocktail library to discover the perfect Prosecco cocktail to take your toasts to another level!

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