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Mother's Day Ideas Mother's Day Ideas

Make the Most of Mother’s Day

Moms give us life. Then they teach us how to live it to the fullest. From our actual mothers to the mother figures who help shape our world, these special women deserve to be celebrated. Here are some simple yet brilliant Mother’s Day ideas to help you show the love, share the gratitude, and make the mother figures in your life feel as appreciated as they are.

Serve a Simple Italian Brunch

If breakfast in bed is your mom’s style, go for it. But in our opinion, brunch is more civilized—it gives her a chance to wake up, have her coffee, and ease into the day. To give it an Italian twist, serve up a simple brunch bruschetta with fried eggs. Slice some tomatoes and mix with chopped garlic and basil then add extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper, and place it on her favorite toast. Fry up two eggs however she likes and serve it all up with the perfect Mimosa or Bellini and a heartfelt note to set the tone for a day that sparkles brighter than a Venetian sunrise.

Mother's Day Idea, Simple Italian Brunch
Mother's Day Idea, Send Flowers

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Flowers are a universal expression of love. Surprise your mom with a bouquet of her favorites, or even go for some Italian flora like blue hydrangeas, white lilies, carnations, and bougainvillea! This small gesture is a timeless expression of your gratitude and pairs perfectly with the notes of fresh-picked citrus, honeysuckle, peach, pear, and ripe red fruits blossoming in our playfully pink Prosecco Rosé.

Pamper Her

Give the maternal figure a moment of respite and empower her to savor some special, much-deserved ‘me time.’ Picture her perfect afternoon. How does she like to be pampered?  If she fancies a spa day, treat her to a massage at her favorite spa! If she’s an avid reader, surprise her with a new book from her favorite author to devour in a hammock with a chilled bottle of Italian bubbly. Get thoughtful about what rest & relaxation looks like for mom and make it happen.

Mothers Day Idea, Pamper Her
Mother's Day Idea, Plan a Picnic

Plan the Perfect Picnic

Soak up the sunshine in a tranquil garden or spread out a blanket at the park and serve up a simple prosciutto-wrapped melon with some stellar sparkles for an outstanding old-world picnic. Just cut one ripe cantaloupe in half and scoop out bite-sized balls with a melon scooper. Then wrap each ball with a thin slice of prosciutto and garnish with fresh basil. The sweetness of the melon combined with the salty prosciutto creates a delightful contrast that’s perfectly complemented by a glass of chilled La Marca Prosecco.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Pick a past trip, a holiday, or just some of your favorite captured memories together and make a joy-filled photo album for her. Nothing will bring a smile to her face like holding some of your most cherished memories in her hands and taking a trip down memory lane together. Pro tip, savor the moment in the best light and make it shine even brighter with a chilled bottle of La Marca Prosecco.

Mother's Day Idea, Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
Mother's Day Idea, Do Nothing and Relax

Do Nothing—Together

The best gift we can give our mothers is the time we spend together. Enjoy the Italian tradition of ‘dolce far niente’, or the sweetness of doing nothing, as you simply spend the day together with no firm plans in mind other than enjoying each other’s company and seeing where the refreshing winds take you. And of course, you can always complement the sweetness of doing nothing with some crisp prosecco to make the conversation pop!

Honor Her Memory

If your mom or mother figure is no longer with you, honor her in a meaningful way. Consider donating to her favorite charity or simply cherish her memory in your own special way—cook an old favorite recipe of hers, listen to her favorite song, pour over photo albums, or trade stories about her with friends and family.

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Handwritten Invitations

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