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How To Do Spring Brunch How To Do Spring Brunch

Brunch Brilliantly

Hosting brunch? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an engagement, or just a weekend at home celebrating the wins of the week, La Marca Prosecco is the perfect way to make the most of every toast. And these elevated brunch party ideas are the perfect ways to make it the best brunch ever!

Remix The Refreshments

La Marca Prosecco is brilliant on its own, but it can shine even brighter with some elegant additions. You probably already have what you need in your home! Here’s some inspiration to get you started but go off script, get creative, and make it yours.

Freeze fresh fruit juice into ice cubes for guests to add to their Prosecco.

Provide a variety of juices—from classic OJ to pineapple or mango—for your guests to get creative in mixing up the mimosas of their dreams.

Add fresh garnishes to your guests’ Prosecco glasses such as lemon zest, rosemary sprigs, or edible flowers.

Surprise and delight with an easy-to-make, yet elegant, bubbly cocktail like a Peach Bellini.

Quick Easy Brunch Bites

Quick & Easy Brunch Menu

While you certainly can’t go wrong with an elaborate brunch buffet, consider simplifying your prep by offering a variety of small bites at the table—both savory and sweet. That way your guests get to experience more while experimenting with how Prosecco complements a wide range of flavors. When choosing which foods you’ll serve, think simple yet elevated. Avocado toast bites, prosciutto-wrapped melon, focaccia, fruit with sweet cream, parmesan & goat cheese frittata, breakfast egg cups, and smoked salmon are all excellent examples of elegant, easy-to-prepare brunch bites.

Delight In The Details:
Send Handwritten Invitations

Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten invitation? Neither can we—and we think it’s a lost art. Such a personal, timeless touch will spark joy for your guests long before your brunch even begins, building excitement that will manifest in every bite, sip, and toast. Even for a casual gathering, this classy gesture will set the tone for an elevated time.

Handwritten Invitations
Pick A Theme

Pick A Theme

Choosing a simple theme to include in your invitations is an easy way to build anticipation and infuse playful energy into the brunch. Rather than going too specific and requiring your guests to get costumes, opt for open-ended themes such as “Fashion Week”, “Mediterranean Beach”, or “Under the Tuscan Sun” to invite them to get creative and accessorize. You can even set up a selfie station with an on-theme backdrop to capture the creativity!

Craft The Perfect Playlists

A stellar soundtrack is a must-have when making your brunch a feast for the senses. Design a playlist inspired by the chosen theme but don’t get too rigid with it, include a variety of genres and artists to complement each moment and keep your guests grooving. There are plenty of themed playlists available online and on whatever streaming platform you use, but if you’ve got the time, making one from scratch can simply turn the fun all the way up.

Craft the Perfect Playlists


Keep things playful with a little friendly competition. After the first round of eating and drinking, consider taking an active intermission with a leisurely lawn game outside to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some fresh air. A game like bocce ball is inviting for all skill levels and can help your guests work their appetites back up, enliven the conversation, and keep the good times rolling.

Prepare Parting Gifts

As brunch winds down and guests begin to trickle out, offering everyone a little parting gift can leave a lasting impression! We’re partial, but a La Marca Prosecco Mini with a personalized gift tag is certainly a chic way to send them off. You can also consider providing to-go boxes to make sure none of the delicious bounty that you served goes to waste.

Handwritten Invitations

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