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How To Do Spring Brunch How To Do Spring Brunch

Elevate Spring Brunch

Bubbling with potential and full of moments to celebrate, Spring is here, and its favorite sip is La Marca Prosecco! In sharing our passion for bringing people together to eat, drink, and share, here are a few tips and some inspired Italian recipes to elevate Easter and make all your spring celebrations with the people you love shine.

Pick A Palette That Pops

The perfect brunch or happy hour aperitivo is about engaging all the senses, not just taste! Complement every celebration with an intentional color palette and pair pastels like dusty rose, light yellow, and, of course, La Marca Prosecco blue with beige accents to create a chic and cheerful atmosphere for your guests! Elegant touches include cloth napkins, your favorite trays and glassware, and strategically placed spring candles.


Top It Off With The
Perfect Bubbles

Every gathering needs a signature cocktail! The sparkling sipper we’re currently mixing up is the Lemon Bliss. It’s the perfect way to ring in spring in style.

Dazzle With A
Dreamy Centerpiece

As the last signs of winter melt away, the land of la dolce vita springs to life. Capture the beauty of an Italian spring wherever you’re celebrating by topping off your table scape with a vibrant floral arrangement (or two) that’s sure to shine as bright as La Marca Prosecco Luminore. Consider contrasting flowers to help make the designs pop, such as mixing statement flowers like peonies and wild flowers for gorgeous accent blooms.

Flowers La Marca
Spring Brunch

Savor The Flavors Of An Italian Spring

Our bright, lively, and crisp Prosecco is the perfect pairing to unleash the vibrant flavors of these traditional Italian dishes.

Colomba Pasquale: Let the crisp and fruity notes of ripe lemon and juicy peach create a delightful contrast to the sweet, almond-infused goodness of this delectable cake.

Torta Pasqualina: The crisp effervescence of our Prosecco cuts through the rich, creamy spinach and ricotta, refreshing your palate and enhancing the textures and flavors of this savory dish.

Carciofi Alla Roma: With bright floral notes and hints of honey, our Prosecco elegantly balances the bitter artichokes and aromatic garlic of this Roman-style dish, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors in every bite.

Delight In The Details

It's all about the little things. For an extra elegant touch, consider adding customized menus or handwritten place cards that your loved ones can take home as keepsakes after the table is cleared. They’ll treasure the thoughtfulness you put into even the smallest moments of the celebration!

Spring Brunch Table

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