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Tips for Saying “Yes” to Joy in the New Year

How to Make the New Year Amazing!

So many New Year’s resolutions require saying no. But what if we said yes—to time with loved ones, to hosting the way we want to, to embracing habits that make us sparkle? With the new year underway, we’re here for setting intentions that make us feel great. Here are four easy tips to crafting resolutions you won’t want to quit by February.


1. Pop Into Planning

The first step in creating positive resolutions for the new year is to get organized. Invest in a new planner, make sure your desk space is comfortable and clean, and see how inspiration begins to flow!

2. Branch Out Beautifully

Change is scary, but it can also be delicious. Don’t shy away from trying new things, like embracing your inner host or learning to whip up new recipes for family and friends. This is the year to embrace what makes you shine. And if you need ideas? The Sparkle Society has the tips and tricks to help you pull it off.

3. Lean On Your Loved Ones

The best part of resolutions is that you don’t have to do them alone! Enlist your support system to help keep you accountable, or turn goals into a group effort. It’s much easier to make it to that workout session when a friend is counting on you (even if it’s just a countdown to post yoga class cocktails).

4. Celebrate the Little Wins

It’s about progress, not perfection. That’s why every step toward meeting your goals should be met with joy! So grab your friends for a spontaneous midweek happy hour, or have your coworkers meet you out on the town to celebrate that project finally being complete. Cheers to a joyful new year and Making Everyday Sparkle with La Marca Prosecco.

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