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La Marca Prosecco Brunch

Charcuterie & Prosecco Pairings

Whether you’re settling in for a casual night at home or gearing up for a group get-together, a charcuterie board is a perfect combination of savory, creamy, nutty and sweet to please every palate. But what foods should you choose when pairing with La Marca Prosecco? We’re sharing our favorite charcuterie ideas to pair with the crisp, refreshing taste of La Marca Prosecco.

First things first, pick your protein

Although we like our charcuterie boards to include an elegant array of different foods, the word “charcuterie” actually refers to the French art of cooking and curing meats. So let’s start there! When pairing with Prosecco, look for fatty and salty cured meats such as prosciutto, salami, pancetta, saucisson and Parma ham. The crisp acidity of La Marca Prosecco will cut through the rich flavors of the meats to create a delicate pairing.

Next, a trip to the cheese shop

Now we look for some delectable cheese pairings. Try to achieve a nice balance of soft and hard cheeses for varying textures. When pairing with La Marca Prosecco, we like to include Parmigiano-Reggiano and baby swiss as our hard cheeses, while Camembert, Triple Crème and Brie are divine soft cheese options. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can pour fresh honey over the Brie for added decadence.

Sprinkle in all the other flavors

This is where you really get a chance to get creative! Be sure to include some ‘vessels’ (neutral food items for dipping and spreading) such as crackers and toasted bread. When you’re selecting additional foods, get inspired by the colors and textures to create a kaleidoscope of flavors. Here are a few options that we especially enjoy pairing with La Marca Prosecco:

Jams & spreads Lemon curd, fresh cranberry sauce, pear jam
Dried fruits Apricots, apples, cherries
Fresh fruits Grapes, figs, pears
Vegetables Cucumbers, green olives, mushrooms
Nuts Almonds, walnuts, cashews
Herbs & greens Basil, rosemary, edible flowers

Styling Your Board

Follow these easy steps to artfully style a charcuterie board that’ll make your friends say, “Teach me your ways!”

  1. Select a large board (or several smaller boards) made of wood, marble, or slate. Ceramic platters are also great! This is the canvas you will paint your masterpiece on.
  2. Place the largest items first, creating landmarks across the board. (“Over here, by the Triple Crème!”)
  3. Keep jams and spreads in the jar or transport to a ramekin. Dishes of different shapes and sizes add embellishment to your charcuterie collage.
  4. Fill in gaps with your charcuterie “vessels” and other snacks like nuts, herbs and dried fruits between meats, cheeses and ramekins.
  5. “Wow, they went a little overboard with the charcuterie,” said no one, ever. You cannot overdo it. When you think you’re finished, keep going! Fill in every nook and cranny with delicious munchies.

Most importantly, have fun! Add items not on this list and see if they pair well with La Marca Prosecco. Wine pairing isn’t a perfect science—it’s an art. Play with colors and flavors to create new culinary experiences you can share with friends around the kitchen island! La Marca Prosecco is versatile when it comes to parings, so you can feel confident in picking other charcuterie goodies that aren’t on this list.

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