La Marca Prosecco


  • WHY: Brunch is so much more than a meal. It is a celebration of the company we keep and the places we go.
  • INVITE: The only rule for inviting people to brunch is, there are no rules. Use this approachable atmosphere to introduce your favorite people to one another and get to know new acquaintances.
  • PREPARE: You decided on a delightful menu of pastries, macarons, fresh fruit and maybe even a hearty frittata! Level-up your brunch game by making leftovers part of the fun. Offer extra baked goods and La Marca minis as parting favors, so guests can bring the magic of brunch home.
  • STYLE: As you make one last grocery run before guests arrive, snag a few florals. Basic bouquets from your local store can be made to look effortlessly elegant by simply shortening the stems, rearranging the greenery, and dressing in a stylish vase.
  • SERVE: Brunch without La Marca Prosecco is just a late breakfast.  Next to your La Marca bottles, provide fresh juices and fruit for guests to commune around and play mixologist.
  • La Marca Prosecco

    Elevated Entertaining

    Because you truly are the hostess with the mostess.

  • La Marca Prosecco


    Because no one ever turned down a bottle of their favorite bubbly.